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Welcome to Westwind Ministries!

Dis-Honesty= is like a plaque that builds up in a friendship, marriage, family or work relationship.  Learn to speak and act out the truth. 


THE darkness of a white lie-make it a practice not to tell even small lies at work or with your family and friends. 


You can’t let emotions rule you or you will never have integrity.



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Honesty-Revealing who we really are.



¨ A loving person is always honest with the people he loves and will tell them the truth in a tactful manner.

¨ A loving person is someone who is truthful yet non judgmental.

¨ A loving person is willing to help you in tough decisions, comfort you when you are hurting, love you when you are needy, celebrate with you when you hve accomplished something little or big.  She will be honest with you when she see things in your life that need to be changed.

¨ A loving person is willing to give advice and be critical when necessary in order to help you be a better person.  He is honest yet sensitive.


A Person With Integrity...


Its more important to be myself then to be popular.

When people keep telling the truth, things work out.

I would never lie just to get something I wanted from someone.

My life is guided & given meaning by my code of values.

It is important to me to be open  and honest about my feelings.

I always follow through on my commitments even when it costs me.

Living With Integrity Means...


Being open about our weaknesses.

Recognizing the importance of truth.

Being consistent in your behavior, words tone and meaning.

Taking risks for the sake of truth.

Keeping promises.



Honesty= Speaking truth in love means keeping every other character trait of a loving person in mind.


Honesty= A loving consistency in speech, thought,

and action.





Don’t tell every thing yourself.

Don’t verbalize all your emotions.

Don’t make excuses for being unloving.

Don’t tell others secrets for personal gain.

Don’t jeopardize justice


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