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Welcome to Westwind Ministries!

Remember priorities all day long.  Adjust each of them accordingly.  IF you are sweeping the floor and your child needs you? THE CHILD COMES FIRST because he/she has a higher priority. 


Gal 5:16 But I  say, walk & live (habitually) in the Holy Spirit (responsible to and controlled and guided by the Spirit; then you will certainly not gratify the cravings & desires of the flesh (of human nature without God).


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plural pri·or·i·ties

Definition of PRIORITY

a (1) : the quality or state of being prior (2) : precedence in date or position of publication —used of taxa b (1) : superiority in rank, position, or privilege (2) : legal precedence in exercise of rights over the same subject matter

1. GOD-(it all starts and finishes here).  "Seek ye first the kingdom of God and His righteousness" (Matt 6:33).  This priority should govern every area of a Christian's life.  

Time with Him=Following (Blessings-See Simple Living) Solitude 4 Spiritual Health

 ¨ Prayer

¨  Study/Learning Growing

¨  Worship

¨   Service to God - Service to others.

 2. Self- (in comparison to other priorities this font is smaller for a reason, it is because it is important to take care of yourself but you are not more important than other people-humility is the key).  This has to be in balance not overly self absorbed, but based on the principle that although you are not more important to others in your life, you have to take care of you in order to take care of the others in your life.  Also you can't be of any use to God if you do not give yourself proper care.  You will be making the choice of what kind of fuel (food) that you need to put into your body and therefore you must remember the importance of good health. 

· Follow the instructions in the Healthy Living Section

-Following the E’s that is exercise, eat right and get proper sleep.  (Blessings see simple living)

· Drink Lots of Water

· Take Vitamins

· Entertainment-this has to be in balance.  You can't always be productive, nor can you get off balance with self absorbed distractions.

· Personal Growth =Spending time with God.  Following Doing (see simple doing, see simple living and to think positive see Green thoughts).  We all need to grow or we will die. 


3. Spouse -(this priority forms a solid relationship and firm family foundation)

· Spend time with your spouse

· Service to your spouse– Think about their needs and make them priority– (Ask yourself daily what can I do for my spouse).


4. Family-(It is important to lay a godly foundation within your home based on the key ingredient "Love")

·Time with them, both individually and group.  (Listen to them when they talk, share their experiences, show them that you care).

· Service to them. 

·Extended family.  Communicate & Spend time with them with balance and remember your priorities, you must not sacrifice the needs of your immediate family for those of your extended family. 


5. Work, School, Home and Ministry- These priorities are very important and must be continually balanced.  It is easy to let your job dominate your life after all it is your bread and butter.  It is important to let your first priority, God, through the power of the Holy Spirit,  help you strike a  healthy balance in all things.  

6. Friends- Relationships are very important because we are social creatures.  However, we must keep a clear perspective with regard to friends and remember to avoid toxic relationships.  It is important to establish godly relationships and keep them in proper balance, so that we as individuals can encourage and edify each other.  And thus develop great lasting friendships.


Remember BALANCE, (Remember Simple Doing   DOITRIGHT-D=Discipline, Consistency.  PRESS ON -NO matter what. 



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